Beautiful Custom Homes Can Also Retain Maximum Resale Value

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Custom homes can be built to your specifications – from the floor plan to the finishes, it can all be personalized. However, resale value should always be a consideration when designing custom homes. Even if you are sure that your new home will be your “forever home,” the unexpected can happen and you could decide you need to sell it to pursue a new career opportunity or for another reason. Before designing your custom home, look at the neighbourhood or location where you are planning on building it. Consider the average size of other homes in the area, common features they have and the pricing of homes. You don’t want to build the biggest home in the area. For maximum resale value, custom homes that are sized in the middle tend to be best.

Beautiful Custom Homes Can Also Retain Maximum Resale Value

Here are some other important factors to consider when retaining maximum resale value in custom homes:

  • Flooring: Hardwood flooring is a great investment, particularly in the living and dining areas. The climate and environment of where you are building should be considered though, as some climates are too humid for hardwood.
  • Windows: Choose beautiful windows that are energy-efficient and provide superior weather protection.
  • Kitchen: This is a great place to choose upgrades and quality materials.
  • Master Suite: Keep it spacious and make the bathroom special. Split floor plans are very popular.

Other factors to consider include focusing on efficiency when choosing appliances and materials, maintaining a welcoming entryway and curb appeal and considering landscaping and possible irrigation systems. Flexible spaces or bonus spaces can add value as well, because they can be used as any future owner sees fit. You can still get everything you want out of custom homes while making sure that you retain the resale value.

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