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We love building custom cottages here at Woodcastle Homes Management Inc. because they give our clients an escape that entices them on the weekends and throughout the summer months. If you are considering your options for a custom cottage, one of the first things you need to do is pick a building site. From our experience designing and building custom cottages, here are our most important tips for choosing land near the water:

  • Even though a waterfront piece of property may be easy on the eyes, you should still inspect the area carefully and comprehensively. Acquire elevation certificates, water quality tests, and other water-based inspections before signing off on a purchase agreement.
  • Not every waterfront area is the same! For example, if you want to use your powerboat for fishing, you may want to buy on a large lake area. At the same time, if you want the peace and tranquility that comes from living near the water, a lakefront area with tons of boats may not be for you. Choose your land based on what you want out of the area.
  • Go out on the water before purchasing. This will give you a different viewpoint of the land and provide you with a better understanding of your land and water access.
  • Make sure you go over your budget carefully. In some cases, waterfront properties can carry hidden costs, like more expensive water and sewer rates, as well as boat and dock lift fees.
  • Look into the shoreline’s history and future. Depending on the way water and soil mix, the shore may move over time. Make sure you fully understand the shoreline’s activity, so you understand the best place to build.

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