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What are Design & Build services?

It is our combination of best practices for remodeling or constructing your home. Woodcastle Homes helps you through the design stage, demolition of existing structure, construction of your new custom home or cottage. We follow your custom build project from start to finish.
FAQ About Design & Build
We also provide all interior designs, exterior designs and product selections for you.

Woodcastle can create a service package for you based on your specific design requirements. The levels we offer are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and “Off the Charts”.

During this process, you have one manager responsible for every part of the planning, design and construction phases. They act as facilitators to communicate all aspects of your project with you. Furthermore, we also ensure to be transparent regarding all costs with you early in the design & build process so you are fully aware of all costs.

Why should I consider Woodcastle Homes’ Design & Build?

We provide you all the services you need to plan, design and build your dream home or cottage. We deliver successful remodeling projects on time and our designs are based on what you need from your home. Woodcastle has established the practice of actively communicating with our clients to ensure your project is on track and according to your demands.

How do you determine project costs?

We work closely with you to understand the project demands and prioritizes for your design. After this, we determine an estimate for your project. This estimate will balance both your design demands and finishing, while keeping your budget in mind.

Can you help me get design, plans and permits?

Woodcastle Homes’ team of efficient project managers assist you with the sometimes challenging task of getting architectural designs, blueprints and all the necessary zoning permits. With experience in a variety of residential remodeling and design projects, we can help make sure everything meets the building requirements during the construction phase.

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