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If you recently met with our home builders or have had any exposure to the construction industry lately, you have probably heard of the design-build method of construction delivery. Our home builders rely on the design-build process often when they design and construct custom homes because of the many advantages it offers to both us as the builder and you as the future homeowner.

Traditional Project Delivery

In the past, home builders would manage a contract with the designer and the contractor. Oftentimes, this would cause miscommunication, which would result in delays and an adversarial relationship between these two parties. For example, the designer and the contractor would often dispute who was at fault for schedule changes or cost overruns.

Design-Build Project Delivery

Using the design-build method, the builder only manages one contract with the future homeowner. From the beginning, the designer and contractor are able to work together and provide seamless recommendations to ensure the budget and schedule remain on track. Changes are overseen by the entire team, and the process lends itself to collaborative innovation and problem solving.

As custom home builders, we prefer the design-build method because it allows for greater innovation and flexibility in addition to higher-quality homes. Please reach out to us at Woodcastle Homes Management Inc. if you have any questions about our building strategies and what we will do to ensure your custom home meets all your preferences and requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!

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