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You want your custom house to feel like it’s completely yours in almost every way possible. If you’re looking for ways to make this happen, at Woodcastle Homes Management Inc., we have some ideas you may want to consider for your custom house:

  • A kitchen nook—Make the most of your kitchen space with a dedicated space for eating, playing games, doing homework, and sitting around with your family and chatting. While we highly recommend built-in benches and furniture, you can put whatever you want in this area.
  • A large mudroom—Do you feel like shoes and bags always overtake your entryway? Get rid of the clutter by incorporating a large mudroom into your custom house plans. Make sure everyone in your household has a small space for their shoes, bags, sports equipment, etc.
  • An outdoor living space—An outdoor living area can be a permanent part of your custom house’s structure! We recommend enhancing your plans with a sunroom, screen room, or expansive deck area.
  • A luxurious master bathroom/bedroom—Your custom house isn’t complete without your own personal escape! As you design your house plans, we highly recommend adding a large master bathroom with a well-equipped, spa-like bathroom to your design.
  • A spacious garage—How many times have you walked into your garage and wondered if this space would ever have enough room for all your bikes, tools, cars, etc.? Design out this headache by choosing a garage with plenty of room for all your things, as well as customized storage additions.

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