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For many people who build custom homes, having an outdoor living space dedicated to relaxing and entertaining is a dream come true. At Woodcastle Homes Management Inc., most of the custom homes we build also include plans for an outdoor living space, so if this is something you want for your new home, we offer the following tips:

  • While pavers may be good for a walkway, you want your outdoor living space’s foundation to be welcoming, easy to maintain, and durable. An all-weather flooring is a great option for getting the luxurious look of wood with the needed toughness for an outdoor living area.
  • One mistake we see with some custom homes is that the outdoor living spaces are too open-concept. Make sure you include an area for people to gather around, such as a fire pit or gas fireplace, as you design your outdoor living space.
  • There’s nothing like grilling and eating outdoors in the warm summer months! While a grill is a great place to start, don’t forget to add cabinets, a sink, and other elements that will make every outdoor cookout memorable.
  • While many outdoor materials are rugged, this doesn’t mean your outdoor living area has to be bland and boring. Make your outdoor space as interesting as the indoors by adding colourful outdoor rugs, pillows on the seating, and textured planters. Just make sure you look for options that are designed for outdoor use.

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