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What does the custom home construction process look like? While you may think there are hundreds of steps involved, the process really only comes down to 10 basic steps:

  1. Preparing the construction site and pouring the foundation
  2. Constructing a rough framing
  3. Completing a rough framework of the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing fixtures
  4. Installing the insulation
  5. Completing the drywall and interior textures while getting a head start on the exterior finishes
  6. Finishing the interior trim and installing any driveways or walkways
  7. Installing hard-surface components, like the countertops and flooring
  8. Finishing the mechanical fixtures and installing the bathroom fixtures
  9. Installing showers and mirrors and finishing the flooring
  10. Completing any cleanup and scheduling the final walkthrough

During the custom home construction process, you may enjoy watching as your home comes together. We welcome you to come and check on the progress of your custom home any time – just make sure to notify us before you stop by. This will allow us to make sure the site is safe for you to tour, so nothing gets damaged and everyone stays safe.

Touring your custom home construction site is not only a way to get excited about your new home, but also to ask us questions you have along the way. We are your home building partner, and we want the experience of building a home to be just as good as living in it once it’s done. Call us today if you have any questions!

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