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After having used Woodcastle Homes on 4 separate projects (from rebuild to renovations), we plan to continue using them for all of our future needs. We have found Woodcastle Homes to be first rate professionals, excellent listeners, extremely knowledgeable and pragmatic in their approach to meeting our expectations. What we find to be their most gratifying skills are that they possess a rare and amazing ability to organize the work-flow, meet deadlines and deliver on budget. Upon dealing with Bruce, you walk away knowing full well that he understands what you want and that there is a well-lit path from the beginning to the end. In our view, he sets a pretty impressive standard. We have an addition coming up in the near future that Woodcastle will manage once again.


The fit and finish were excellent. Also, Bruce was very responsive when problems arose 

1264 Woodland ave, Mississauga, ON

Very creative in offering suggestions on how to build a beautiful home. 

1359 Wilson Ave, Mississauga, ON

I would highly recommend Woodcastle Homes because they deliver. The quality of material used is superior, and the follow-up after the job is done is very good. 

115 Inglewood Drive – Mississauga, ON

Woodcastle was professional in all areas of our construction project. We are very pleased with our finished home and the quality of construction. When minor issues came up, Woodcastle was cooperative and quick to fix these problems. Our particular project also involved some unique unexpected challenges that Woodcastle handled extremely well. 

185 Cherry Post, Mississauga, ON

I was happy with the quality of the trades. In particular, I appreciated the skilled construction and finishing that they provided. They finished my home to a high standard. The final execution of the project was completed to my satisfaction. 

1301 Minnewaska, Mississauga, ON

Building a home is an extremely stressful experience at the best of times. Bruce and the Woodcastle team did a great job of making it a positive experience. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to build or renovate their home. 

1362 Stavebank Mississauga

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