The Basics of Bone Structure Construction

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If you are getting ready to design and build a custom home, you may have heard of a new option — bone structure construction. Bone structure construction can be used in single-family homes of various sizes, as well as in multiunit residential structures and even light commercial-use buildings. The final result is a healthy, safe and comfortable living space, just like traditional construction methods.

your home is completed with bone structure construction

Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider bone structure construction for your project:

  • Energy efficiency: These homes come Net Zero Energy ready. You will save significant amounts of money in your heating and cooling costs, as well as being able to feel great about reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Low-waste construction: Speaking of environmentally friendly practices, the construction process of these homes creates much less waste than the traditional methods.
  • Flexibly designed: Amazingly, it is easier to redesign or expand these homes in the future. You can move or remove walls, add livable square footage and reconfigure your home if needed.
  • Speed of assembly: You won’t believe how fast your home is completed with bone structure construction.

With all these benefits, you will be amazed to know that choosing bone structure construction does not limit you to a few design choices. In fact, there will be many design options available, all while maintaining the steel structure that won’t bend or crumble over time. You will have a high-performance home that is precisely constructed in a fraction of the time it takes to assemble traditionally constructed homes.

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