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If you are starting to think about what kind of custom home you would like to design and build, there are many possible cottage designs that might meet your needs, lifestyle and budget. Cottage designs can vary widely but are known universally for being comfortable living spaces that are inviting, informal and cozy. Cottage designs might be perfect for a family-oriented feel, whether you have a family of two or a large family.

Cottage designs might be perfect for a family-oriented feel

When it comes to cottage designs, there are many options. Here are some of the most common:

  • Vintage cottage designs: If you are interested in antique finishes with details like cast iron sinks, claw foot tubs and other vintage elements, this might be the best choice for you.
  • Rustic cottage designs: If you are looking for a cottage in the woods feel, warm stained wood and a wood burning stove may be elements to consider.
  • Shabby chic cottage designs: These cottages might include painted wood plank walls, perhaps even with a weathered paint finish. Interior shutters may add another layer to your design.
  • Beach cottage designs: Warm, inviting paint colours, functional wooden shutters and Shaker style cabinetry will help you achieve the beach cottage feel.

While it is true that traditional cottages are smaller houses, you can achieve a cottage feel in a larger structure by including key cottage designs elements like Shaker cabinetry and built-in storage and nooks and crannies. Cottage designs typically make the most of the available space. You might have storage under the stairs or use dormers in a second storey to increase useable space. Whatever your vision, we can help you sort through the many cottage designs options and find the one perfectly suited to your needs and budget.

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