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3 Principles of Successful Cottage DesignsOur team at Woodcastle Homes Management Inc., is committed to helping all of our clients create their ideal custom home or cottage, and we have the design expertise to help you do just that. If you are planning on building a cottage, keep reading to learn three principles of successful cottage designs.

  1. One principle of successful cottage design is balance. To put it simply, the visual elements in your space should be arranged to create a sense of equilibrium, with no element overpowering the others. In cottage design this is especially important, as it will help prevent the space from feeling cramped or crowded.
  2. Scale refers to the relative size and visual weight of different pieces, particularly in relationship to each other. This principle has a close relationship with balance, as mismatching the scale of your various furniture and decor pieces is one of the easiest ways to mess that balance up. It also refers not just to decor elements but also to architectural ones, such as the height of the ceiling. Here at Woodcastle Homes Management Inc., we have the right experience to help you create cottage designs that strike the perfect note when it comes to scale.
  3. A third part of successful cottage designs is repetition, as using the same shape, colour, or texture multiple times helps create a sense of continuity in the space. That said, too much repetition can make your cottage seem bland and boring, but fortunately our team at Woodcastle Homes Management Inc. can help you use it to its best effect.

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