About Design & Build

What are Design & Build services?

It is our combination of best practices for remodeling or constructing your home. Woodcastle Homes helps you through the design stage, demolition of existing structure, construction of your new custom home or cottage. We follow your custom build project from start to finish.

We also provide all interior designs, exterior designs and product selections for you.

Woodcastle can create a service package for you based on your specific design requirements. The levels we offer are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and “Off the Charts”.

During this process, you have one manager responsible for every part of the planning, design and construction phases. They act as facilitators to communicate all aspects of your project with you. Furthermore, we also ensure to be transparent regarding all costs with you early in the design & build process so you are fully aware of all costs.

Why should I consider Woodcastle Homes’ Design & Build?

We provide you all the services you need to plan, design and build your dream home or cottage. We deliver successful remodeling projects on time and our designs are based on what you need from your home. Woodcastle has established the practice of actively communicating with our clients to ensure your project is on track and according to your demands.

How do you determine project costs?

We work closely with you to understand the project demands and prioritizes for your design. After this, we determine an estimate for your project. This estimate will balance both your design demands and finishing, while keeping your budget in mind.

Can you help me get design, plans and permits?

Woodcastle Homes’ team of efficient project managers assist you with the sometimes challenging task of getting architectural designs, blueprints and all the necessary zoning permits. With experience in a variety of residential remodeling and design projects, we can help make sure everything meets the building requirements during the construction phase.

About Custom Home Building

What are the steps in building a new custom home?

Our project managers will share with you model home designs and we review various floor plans with you. During this stage, we discuss the floor plans that best suit your demands and lifestyle.

The second stage entails a visit to our design center where we share products and possibilities with you. You meet with our site supervisors to discuss the potential lots and communities that meet your criteria.

Once we finalize a floor plan and lot with you, if that is what you require, we start preparing a contract for your builder. After legal approval, we meet you again to draw up your blueprint and home design plans. Once the architecture for your project draws up a blueprint, the exciting process begins.

At this stage, you choose products and finishing for your home with our expert team of designers. This is where you begin to customize your home and make it your own.

Once all the selections are approved and we are granted a building permit, we are ready to start construction work onsite. As long as we receive a mortgage commitment from your bank, we draw up a contract, usually within this period to start the fun process of building your custom home.

What should I expect from my first custom homebuilding appointment with Woodcastle?

The initial appointment with Woodcastle mostly just allows us to get to know you and understand what your requirements are. We provide you with ideas and suggestions at this stage based on your demands and preferences.

Once we understand your likes and dislikes and you meet our designers, we set you up with an our interior designer to really fine-tune details in your custom home design process.

Can I visit my home during the construction process?

Since this is your future home, we are happy to share the stages of the process with you. However, safety is our main concern so in order to visit your home, you must schedule site visits with your custom home’s site coordinator. During your visits, all work does have to stop in order for the process to be entirely safe for you and the contractors working on your home.

About Additions and 2nd Storey Constructions

Are second storey extensions cheaper than moving into a new space?

If you need more space, it is usually less expensive to expand to add an extension rather than move out into a new home. Our cost-effective extensions allow you to stay in your existing home while expanding the space to suit your needs. Building an addition to your home also increases the real estate value of your home so it is beneficial for you in the long run.

We can provide additions and renovations to your home based on your specific scenario and needs to suit your changing lifestyle. Second storey additions is a great, affordable way to change your home to suit the demands of your growing family or evolving lifestyle.

Do I need to move out of my home during the construction period?

Our team isolates certain areas and constructs in those specific areas, in most cases. This allows you access to most of your home without cutting you off from all areas at once. This means as long as it is not a tear-down but simply an addition, we work with you to accommodate you in your home during the construction period as well.

Is there anything I need to do differently with second storey constructions?

The level of involvement depends entirely on the client and their needs and wishes. Woodcastle Homes’ team of experts  are willing to involve you in your addition as much as you would like to be involved. We can handle every stage of the process and you can choose finishing and fittings. Your involvement in the initial design and planning stage is advised but we take on your project construction phase onward with you being present as much or as little as you’d like to be.

About Interior and Exterior Design & Constructions

How long does a design project take to complete?

It depends on the requirements of your specific project and what package you select with our Woodcastle team of expert designers. We give you an estimate time your project will take with your quotation. Exterior designs that require construction can take a bit longer than interior design related projects such as bathroom or kitchen renovations. The duration of the project depends entirely on the construction demands but we will be sure to make your project a priority. This means our team of designers will meet the deadlines set for your specific project

How does the process work?

The designers you will be working with at Woodcastle Homes meet with you extensively to understand your style and taste for your interior or exterior design project . After meeting with our designers, we offer you a package that suits your budget and requirements for your vision. After you approve the designs, the project construction phase begins. During this time, your project manager and designer communicate closely with you to ensure you are happy with the results.

Who chooses details and finishings for my design projects?

Our talented team of designers get to know your demands and expectations early on in the initial meetings. After which, our designers make suggestions and guide you in the right direction based on your requirements for your interior or exterior design finishings. Our designers are present to help narrow down your options and share options with you but ultimately, the choice is yours. Our team believes in a collaborative process, working with you to make sure you have a final say in all design choices.

What is the difference between an architect and interior/exterior designer?

The architect for your project deals with the structural elements of the build such as the plans, getting approval from a council or drawing blueprints. The interior designer for your design or renovation project is responsible for the aesthetic appeal of your home. They advise you on elements such as flooring, wallpaper, paint colours, fabrics and other finishings details for your project.

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