3 Top Trends in Custom Homes

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Many homeowners don’t want to live in a home that looks exactly like everyone else’s. If custom homes are something you have been researching, you may have certain features in mind and have a pretty good idea of the design elements that are important to you, but you also want to stay current. The following are some design elements in custom homes that are trending this year.

3 Top Trends in Custom Homes

  • Open Concept Floor Plan. Gone are the days when homes were built with smaller rooms and many doors and hallways. Nowadays, most homeowners want a design that makes the most of the square footage with large rooms that function as a shared space. The dining, living and kitchen areas are combined into one large area that not only makes the home appear more spacious but encourages family interaction.
  • Home Theatre. Many people are spending more time at home and movies and television consumption are at an all-time high. With a private home theatre, you can enjoy the same technology as you do when you go out to a movie theatre all from the comfort of your own home. If you are worried that a home theatre room will be too noisy, special acoustical treatments can be added to keep the sound where it is supposed to be, not in the rest of the house. Sconce lighting, tiered seating, and a popcorn maker are just a few of the options to make your home theatre look the part.
  • Wine Room. Depending on the size of your wine collection, you can work with your builder to create an efficient storage space or a grand showroom, complete with humidity and temperature controls.

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