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Woodcastle Homes is Now an Authorized BONE Structure Builder

The best way to experience a BONE home before you create your own is to consult with one of our representatives at WoodCastle Homes.

A Safer, Sounder Home Because You and Your Family Deserve It!

WoodCastle Homes is now an authorized BONE structure builder. BONE Structure is a light steel construction system used to build single-family, multi-unit or light commercial buildings. The shell of the home is assembled by one of our certified assembly teams. We can also complete all of the interior and exterior finishes as complete turnkey project.

BONE Structure’s steel components are manufactured with the same technology used to cut machine parts for aircraft and automobiles. Yes, steel is that precise! From manufacturing to assembly and onward through your entire lifetime, the steel frame of your BONE home will never bend, buckle or crumble like other construction methods. This extreme stability eliminates any unpleasant surprises such as cracks appearing in walls or ceilings, and wards off the costly repairs that so often hit homeowners out of the blue.

With BONE Structure you can build homes in a smarter, simpler and faster way due to our industrialized building processes and our patented components. The strength of the steel allows many architectural advantages. In some cases, it is possible to copy them in a traditional wood-framed home but it would be costly and difficult to achieve.

The BONE system’s skeletal structure allows for huge floor-to-ceiling windows and even ceilings of different heights within the same room. As a complement to the high efficiency of the structure’s thermal envelope, BONE homes feature aluminium windows rated with R-values between 4 and 5.

BONE homes feature an integrated steel-spine staircase system that produces stairs which are as solid as they are stylish. Exterior siding, patios, balconies and pergolas are all features that can be incorporated into the BONE system with ease. And as further proof of how flexible and efficient BONE technology is, we can gladly show you models and structures already in play.

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BONE Structure can be part of any rural or urban setting. It is true that BONE structure designs contemporary homes but the structure can be customized and the exterior cladding can be adapted to respect any architectural guidelines.

Woodcastle Homes Ltd. is proud to be an authorized BONE structure builder.

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