The Dos and Don’ts of Custom Home Construction Etiquette

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Building a home with our team here at Woodcastle Homes Management Inc. means you are in for a great experience! At the same time, there are some custom home construction etiquette guidelines we want to share with you to ensure our working relationship stays positive and beneficial throughout the entire process.

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What to Do

Please do come and visit your custom home construction site on a regular basis! We know you want to see the progress of your new house, so feel free to come and check out the building site often. Just make sure you give us a heads up before you show up so we can make sure our crews are prepared.

Also, do contact us if you ever have questions and concerns! Keep in mind, however, that our team keeps relatively standard business hours, so plan on reaching out to us during the day.

What Not to Do

Do not continuously make alterations to your home’s layout and design. We try to get the design finalized as soon as possible, so we can build your home quickly and correctly. Any last-minute changes to the design can get in the way of production timelines and budgetary restrictions.

We also want you to remember that delays happen with construction, so do not get too panicked if your project gets behind slightly. We take great care to keep things on track, but the weather and working with different suppliers can occasionally get in our way of keeping the custom home construction process moving.

Contact Us Today

Please contact us today to discuss your vision and to put plans in place for your upcoming project. We look forward to hearing from and working with you!

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