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You have probably heard the term “cottage” and envisioned a tiny home in the woods from the fairy tales you read as a child. Cottages have been around for a long time and the use of the word has come to describe a category of house that is small and ideal for vacationing. If you have been considering building a custom cottage, there are a few reasons why it is a great idea.

Custom Cottages: Benefits of Building

  • Custom cottages allow the homeowner the freedom to decorate and choose furnishings that complement their own unique sense of style. If your cottage will be used as a vacation home, you will collect accessories through the years that make it feel comfortable and cozy in all the right ways.
  • Uses Available Space. Sometimes the amount of land available is limited and a small home is the only option, but the good news is that a cottage-style home can still have many of the same unique features as a large home. The building style of a custom cottage encompasses many styles from craftsman bungalow to farmhouse and the emphasis is on creating a unique home while maximizing space. 
  • More Bang for Your Buck. Another benefit of custom cottages is that you can build a home with many of the design features you desire without the huge expense. The truth is that most of us spend the majority of our time in the kitchen and living room area and don’t feel the need for a home with countless bathrooms and bedrooms.

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