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Going on vacation is something everyone looks forward to, but staying at a resort or rental property isn’t always a breeze. Building a custom cottage and creating the vacation home of your dreams delivers the best vacation experience possible.

  • Always Available. Your custom cottage is always available – no blackout dates, no increased fees for holiday weekends, and it’s always open for a last-minute getaway. Feel free to visit on a whim or any time you want, eliminating the hassle of coordinating and booking a place to stay while out of town. Best of all, you can change your mind without paying fees and come and go as you please!
  • Customized for the Best Experience. Your custom cottage is built the way you want, with the finishes you prefer and the appliances you’re used to – no surprises. Stock your vacation home with your personal items and limit packing and luggage. Enjoy all the comforts of home, away from home.
  • Smart Investment. Building a vacation custom cottage is an investment financially, as well as an investment in your happiness. Choosing a custom cottage in your ideal getaway location is an investment in growing the local community that you love. Create additional income generating opportunities through vacation rentals, bringing more revenue to the community and building equity in your investment.

We at Woodcastle Homes Management Inc. are committed to helping you build a custom cottage that will become an amazing getaway for you now, and for future generations. Our team of professionals is ready to help you plan and build your dream vacation home – contact us now to learn more.

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