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We build stunning custom cottages throughout Mississauga, ON that blend functionality with impeccable style.

Custom Cottages in Mississauga – At Woodcastle Homes Ltd., we are one of the premier builders of custom cottages that people turn to when they want an idyllic retreat to escape to on the weekends or on a vacation. We can help you design and build your dream cottage, assisting you through every step of the process. Our familiarity with the Mississauga, Ontario area gives us special insight into the best sites available. We can assist you with the entire site selection process, so your custom cottage is in the perfect location. If you already have a cottage, we can also help you with any large-scale renovations to both the interior and exterior, so you can transform the old cottage into one that matches your personal vision of perfection.

Custom Cottages, Mississauga, ON

Additionally, we can help you with the design of your new custom cottage. We can custom design your cottage to your exact tastes and specifications from a traditional old Muskokan to a new, contemporary design. When we build custom cottages, our goal is to always blend functionality with impeccable style.

When you are ready to start constructing the ideal retreat, contact us at Woodcastle Homes Ltd. We have a strong team of builders with decades of experience constructing custom cottages, and we can help you build your dream house. We are also local and can connect you with other team members, including the best architects and designers in the area, who can help you realize your dream for the perfect custom cottage.

At Woodcastle Homes Ltd., we build custom cottages in Mississauga, Toronto, Muskoka, Etobicoke, and Oakville, Ontario.


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