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Custom homes are exactly that — custom. So, if you are in the process of designing and building your dream home, it should complement how you live your life and include unique features that make living there a great long-term experience. Are you looking for some inspiration? These ideas for custom homes just might be what you want and need:

1.   A dog bathing station—You probably don’t love bathing your dog in your bathtub, but sometimes it is too cold to bathe Fido outside. The solution? Add a doggy bathing station in your garage to make rinsing off your pooch quick and easy.

custom homes come with two kitchen working spaces

2.   Dual kitchen workspaces—More and more custom homes come with two kitchen working spaces, which usually include two sinks and prep areas. This is a great idea if you love to entertain and have large groups of people over.

3.   A jetted laundry sink—Many laundry rooms today have a sink in them, but adding a sink with jets takes things up a level! With a jetted sink, washing delicates and rinsing heavily soiled items will never be easier.

4.   Under-cabinet outlets—Outlets are a necessity, but they do not always look so pretty when they line your walls. Consider installing your outlets beneath your upper cabinetry to keep wall spaces uninterrupted.

5.   Heated floors—This is one luxury you will wonder how you ever lived without! There is nothing quite like having heated floors underneath your feet, especially in the bathroom, on a cold winter day.

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