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You want the custom home construction process to be hassle-free, but that’s easier said then done. To make the custom home construction process easier, and to ensure your home gets built as quickly as possible, don’t make these mistakes if at all possible:

  • Selecting the wrong builder—The biggest mistake you can make during custom home construction is picking the wrong builder. Choose one with experience, credentials, and a reputation or quality workmanship, like our team at Woodcastle Homes Management Inc., for the best results.
  • Overbuilding for the area—When it comes to custom home construction, bigger is always better, right? In this case, building the biggest home in the neighbourhood isn’t a good idea, especially when it comes to resale. Build a home that will complement the others in the area, so you get your money back if you ever decide to sell.
  • Only planning for now—You should build a home you can grow into, not one that barely works for your needs right now. Before the custom home construction process gets underway, try to picture your life in five or ten years, and devise building plans that work with what your future could look like.
  • Only including trendy features—Sure, two-tone cabinets are big right now, but will they still be popular in a year or two? Choose classic features for your custom home, so your home always looks current. While incorporating a trend or two can be fun, resist the urge to build the trendiest home possible.

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