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Are second storey extensions cheaper than moving into a new space?

If you need more space, it is usually less expensive to expand to add an extension rather than move out into a new home. Our cost-effective extensions allow you to stay in your existing home while expanding the space to suit your needs. Building an addition to your home also increases the real estate value of your home so it is beneficial for you in the long run.

We can provide additions and renovations to your home based on your specific scenario and needs to suit your changing lifestyle. Second storey additions is a great, affordable way to change your home to suit the demands of your growing family or evolving lifestyle.

Do I need to move out of my home during the construction period?

Our team isolates certain areas and constructs in those specific areas, in most cases. This allows you access to most of your home without cutting you off from all areas at once. This means as long as it is not a tear-down but simply an addition, we work with you to accommodate you in your home during the construction period as well.

Is there anything I need to do differently with second storey constructions?

The level of involvement depends entirely on the client and their needs and wishes. Woodcastle Homes’ team of experts  are willing to involve you in your addition as much as you would like to be involved. We can handle every stage of the process and you can choose finishing and fittings. Your involvement in the initial design and planning stage is advised but we take on your project construction phase onward with you being present as much or as little as you’d like to be.

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