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faqWhat is bone-structure building?

Woodcastle Homes is one of the few contemporary home builders in Toronto to incorporate bone structure building. Building with bone structure incorporates using a light steel construction system. It can be used to build single-family, multi-unit homes or light commercial buildings. It allows you the privilege of building homes in a smarter , simpler and faster way with industrialized building processes.

Using steel as a base product provides for many architectural advantages and bone structure building can be adapted to respect any architectural guidelines. It can be used in contemporary home designs in any city or even rural areas to create sturdy, long-lasting structures.

What are the benefits of bone structure building versus wooden structures?

The use of steel ensures that the base of your home is very stable and will not bend or form drywall cracks. The technology is designed to resist the worst climate conditions globally and provides stability through high winds and earthquakes.

Bone structure building is also environment friendly as steel is 100% recyclable and there is next to no waste during assembly because the material does not require any sort of cutting. Bone structure buildings are also energy efficient, resulting in fewer emissions and greater energy savings.

The other benefit of using this material is that it won’t catch fire, get damaged by water and does not leave any room for pests. This makes it an ideal technology for homeowners looking to invest in durable homes.

How long does it take to construct a bone structure building or home?

The construction of bone structure buildings and homes is much faster than constructing traditional homes. Depending on your project requirements, the time frame for building your bone structure home can be as short as 2 months. Woodcastle Homes gives you an estimate of the project timeline at the same time as providing you a quotation for your new bone structure building.


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