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What are the steps in building a new custom home?

Our project managers will share with you model home designs and we review various floor plans with you. During this stage, we discuss the floor plans that best suit your demands and lifestyle.

The second stage entails a visit to our design center where we share products and possibilities with you. You meet with our site supervisors to discuss the potential lots and communities that meet your criteria.

Once we finalize a floor plan and lot with you, if that is what you require, we start preparing a contract for your builder. After legal approval, we meet you again to draw up your blueprint and home design plans. Once the architecture for your project draws up a blueprint, the exciting process begins.

At this stage, you choose products and finishing for your home with our expert team of designers. This is where you begin to customize your home and make it your own.

Once all the selections are approved and we are granted a building permit, we are ready to start construction work onsite. As long as we receive a mortgage commitment from your bank, we draw up a contract, usually within this period to start the fun process of building your custom home.

What should I expect from my first custom homebuilding appointment with Woodcastle?

The initial appointment with Woodcastle mostly just allows us to get to know you and understand what your requirements are. We provide you with ideas and suggestions at this stage based on your demands and preferences.

Once we understand your likes and dislikes and you meet our designers, we set you up with an our interior designer to really fine-tune details in your custom home design process.

Can I visit my home during the construction process?

Since this is your future home, we are happy to share the stages of the process with you. However, safety is our main concern so in order to visit your home, you must schedule site visits with your custom home’s site coordinator. During your visits, all work does have to stop in order for the process to be entirely safe for you and the contractors working on your home.


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