Finding Experienced Boathouse Builders is Key to Designing and Building Your Dream Boathouse

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The first thing experienced boathouse builders will tell you is that building boathouses is not an easy undertaking. A boathouse usually looks like it is floating on the water when it is completed, but if you don’t have the right boathouse builders, your dream might just actually float away during the first major storm or flood. Building a boathouse that can withstand these unique challenges is a technical feat that starts with the underwater support and foundations.

Finding Experienced Boathouse Builders

Before any design or planning happens for a boathouse, your boathouse builders will need to know about the special permits, regulations and restrictions that will affect what is possible for your boathouse. They will also need to calculate the maximum bearing capacity of the foundations, which is based on looking at the water depth, the soil type under the water and along the bank, as well as the land’s slope underneath the water and along the bank. This will determine how large your boathouse can be. Some boathouses are quite simple with perhaps just a deck and boat storage, but in some places, it is possible to build an elaborate second home or guest quarters on top of the boat storage area.

Other considerations your boathouse builders will discuss with you include the height of the boat storage space you need. You will want to be able to lift your boat or boats up out of the water for storage, maintenance, service and cleaning. They will also need to know about record high water in the area where you are planning to build, to ensure that the entire structure is high enough to stay sound in the worst weather conditions. Expect your boathouse to cost more than a land-based structure because of the special planning and equipment needed to make it a reality, but with the right boathouse builders, you will be able to enjoy your boathouse for years to come.

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