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Have you scouted a property for your new custom home? If your property is in the Greater Toronto Area, or you’re looking to build a cottage in Muskoka, Woodcastle Homes offers multiple services for you. Regardless of what step you are in home renovations in Canada, our team at Woodcastle Homes can help make your dream home a reality. Our team builds custom homes, home renovations and home additions across Canada. With over 25 years of experience, Woodcastle Homes aims to make your project our priority.

Custom Home Building and Renovations across the GTA in:


  • Mississauga
  • Oakville and
  • Toronto

If you wish to build a custom home or are simply looking at kitchen or bathroom renovations or any home additions in Mississauga, Oakville or Toronto Woodcastle Homes can help. We provide a variety of services to fit your needs including:

  • Design and Build
  • Custom Home Construction
  • Additions and 2nd Storey Construction
  • Interior and Exterior Design Construction
  • Bone Structure Building

Our team of expert interior and exterior designers have experience building cottages in Muskoka.

Custom Cottage Construction and Renovations in Muskoka:


If you’re looking to build a new cottage or tear down and reconstruct an existing cottage, Woodcastle Homes has an expert team familiar with cottage construction. These are the services we provide to clients looking for constructing or additions to their cottage property:

  • Design and Build
  • Bone structure Building
  • Custom Cottage Construction
  • Boathouses Design and Construction

If you already have a cottage in Muskoka, our team will also help with interior and exterior renovations based on your specific requirements. If there is any aspect of your cottage that doesn’t work for you, we have the knowledge and expertise of fine cottage living to transform your space to match your vision.

Another service that Woodcastle Homes offers is constructing boathouses for your cottage. You want your boathouse to compliment not only your cottage, but also the natural surroundings. We can help create sturdy, durable boathouses with modern designs.

If you are interested in custom builds or renovations in the Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga or Muskoka areas, please book a consultation with Woodcastle Homes. Whether you are looking to build a home in the city, or looking to construct a getaway cottage in Muskoka, our expert team of local designers and architects are committed to help you achieve your dream.

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