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Mississauga, named fourth on a list of large cities of the future in North and South America, is a great suburban area if you’re looking to build a custom home close to the city of Toronto. It was ranked as Canada’s 11th best city to live in, according to MoneySense magazine. Mississauga is easily accessible by public transportation and just a short distance away from downtown, making it a prime location for your custom home build.

Already a homeowner in Mississauga looking for home renovations? Woodcastle Homes provides a variety of services in this prospering, safe location. Whether you are looking to build a custom home, home additions or home renovations in Mississauga, Woodcastle Homes works with a team of talented, local designers and architects who know the area for custom homes in Mississauga.

Whether you have a bungalow, a semi-detached home or are a property owner looking to build a home in Mississauga from scratch, we offer a variety of services suitable for you. Everything from the tear down stage to completion, our team’s expertise will make your process as easy as can be.Contact Woodcastle Homes for a consultation for any of our custom home builds or additions services in Mississauga.

Custom Home Mississauga:

  • Design & Build
  • Project Management
  • Rear Additions
  • Front Additions
  • Architectural Design
  • Second Storeys


Home Additions Mississauga:

  • Design & Build
  • Project Management
  • Construction
  • Cottages
  • Interior & Exterior Design
  • Landscaping

If your home development project is in this neighbourhood, you’re close to everything that makes Mississauga such a sought-after community. The diverse community has everything from large shopping centers to popular international cuisine. Contact Woodcastle Homes to transform your Mississauga or Oakville home with our renovations and home addition services. This established location allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and is an ideal place to raise a family.

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