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Muskoka, a location picked by the National Geographic as the #1 for Best Trips of the Summer, is ideal for your getaway home. Woodcastle Home’s knowledge and experience in the region makes our Muskoka cottage designs unique, keeping in mind the maintenance and upkeep of cottages and homes.

The services Woodcastle Homes provides as premier Muskoka cottage and home builders are:

  • Design and Build
  • Bone structure Building
  • Custom Cottage Construction
  • Boathouses Design and Construction

Muskoka has over 900 lakes and 30% of the territory is lakes, making this a perfect location for a lakehouse. What this means is that our specialty service of Muskoka boathouse construction will allow you to fully take advantage of the water. Our modern designs of docks and boat lifts are low-maintenance and durable.

The Muskoka region attracts visitors from all over North America so even when you aren’t using your Muskoka home away from home, developing a cottage here can be an investment for you and your family. These features will ensure you have a beautiful, functional cottage that you may be able to rent and share with family and friends.

If you would like to start work on your dream getaway home in Muskoka, contact Woodcastle for a consultation. With cottage prices in Muskoka increasing by 7 percent in just the last year, snagging a cottage property in the region while prices are still affordable will help you get the most for your money. Customizing an existing cottage or creating one from scratch with a boathouse alongside is one of the many services Woodcastle Homes can help with.

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