Large Scale Luxury Home Interior and Exterior Renovations

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Woodcastle Homes, the expert new home builders in GTA and Muskoka, can make your large-scale interior and exterior home renovations hassle-free.
Large Scale Luxury Home Interior and Exterior Renovations
Whether you want to completely re-do your first floor, or you need to add a second storey to your current home, we can help you through every step of the process.

Our skilled team has decades of experience in both interior and exterior construction, with a particular emphasis on building exceptional custom homes. This gives us particular expertise in designing additions and making extensive changes, and we can offer innovative solutions and options for transforming your entire home into the home you have always dreamed of having.

The WoodcastleHomes’team walks you through the entire renovation process, from selecting the appropriate type of renovation for you, whether it involves changing several rooms and layouts on the interior of your home, or giving the exterior a complete facelift or front facade. You may also be considering an addition, whether on the ground floor or building up a second storey. We can go through each option to design the perfect solution for your needs.

Our system is also extremely customer-friendly. We seek out options that fit your budget, with several different construction grades and finishing packages. Our packages include Silver, Gold, Platinum, and “Off the Charts” for those who truly want to tackle their dream home.

In addition to working with you on trim packages and design, we also provide a secure virtual cloud management system. This allows our customers to access project schedules and documents, to view progress pictures, and to communicate with us 24/7 via messaging systems. It also gives you a one-stop way to change order approvals and make product selections.

When you are ready take on large scale renovations to your home, contact Woodcastle Homes Ltd. Our experienced crew of professionals can help you from start to finish, so that you end up with a beautifully updated home that is all your own.

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