Things to Consider if You are Considering Second Storey Additions to Your Home

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There are many reasons that people choose to consider second storey additions to their existing home rather than moving. Perhaps you want to stay in the neighbourhood your family knows and loves. Perhaps your home has been in your family for multiple generations, but it is not serving the needs of your growing family. Perhaps you want to change the look of your home.

people choose to consider second storey additions

One of the best things about second storey additions is that you often don’t need to do foundation work, which can reduce the cost of the build. However, you will need to have your current foundation evaluated to make sure that it will comfortably support the additional weight of your second storey addition. This may affect the size and scope of the second storey additions you consider.

Here are some other things to consider about second storey additions:

  • Building codes: Make sure you check on the building codes in your area. There may be height restrictions for the total height of your home.
  • Design considerations: You will want to make sure that the addition matches the style of your existing home, unless you are planning on changing the style overall. Matching windows in style and size is an important component of making it look like a cohesive whole.
  • Size and scope of the addition: Are you interested in a full second storey addition or just a partial storey? You will need to consider storage spaces, as well as where you will place the stairs in your home. What changes will you need to make to the main floor as you move some rooms up to the second story?
  • Utility systems: Don’t forget to consider changes that will need to be made to plumbing and HVAC systems. You may need a larger HVAC system or an additional one.

Second storey additions can add cash value and quality of living value to your existing home, but they should be carefully planned and considered before breaking ground on the project.

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